Articles January 9, 2018

Housing Market Update

Strong Market, Weak Inventory?

Many things in life are based on an opinion, even facts. Data and reports area crucial in realizing the reality, and what is happening all around us. According to the attached article from this past weekend in the San Antonio Express News, we’re running out of homes in San Antonio!

In always keeping my glass half-full, I like to believe there’s an ideal home for everyone, if you’re motivated enough to actually look. This past weekend, I met a new client, viewed just over a dozen properties, found one he likes, and we’re now under contract. He’ll be resting in his new home in a few weeks, and you can too.

I love a sweet challenge, and working with buyer’s is something I take pride and enjoyment in. Drop a pin, anywhere on the map of San Antonio, and we can start a new search.

Click the link: San Antonio Express News Article

Committed to help,



Our Community December 22, 2017

Santa To A Senior

Giving Back To Our Community

Last week we hosted our annual “Santa To A Senior” day. We gathered as a family, and delivered gifts, Christmas carols, conversation, hugs, and love to the members of the Living Days Adult Daycare Center. The photo that’s included in this post is of myself with Santa Claus and my new friend, Edward. His smile warmed my heart and soul. Edward, was the last person to visit with Santa that day. He waited patiently as dozens of people chatted with Santa before him, and I was reminded that the beauties of life are attained with patience…just like Edwards smile.

Below is a passage from Deepak Chopra. His words about compassion are a reminder that we are all one:


I will see a stranger today through the eyes of compassion…

I will remind myself that this stranger has parents and people who love her, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger has moments of joy, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger has moments of anguish and suffering, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger will one day grow old, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger will go through the cycles of illness and recovery, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger will one day die, just like me.

Through the eyes of compassion, I will know this stranger, not as a stranger anymore, but as a living soul, just like me.


-Deepak Chopra


Articles December 9, 2017

Let It Snow

Happy Holidays and New Year To All 

Thursday, December 7, 2017 , It snowed in San Antonio, Texas and throughout other parts of the country.

For some cities, it was an ordinary day and the beginning to Winter.

In San Antonio, and across Southern Texas, it was a miracle!

We’ve experienced ice, sleet, hail, and light snow throughout the years, but Thursday was a magical sight as the snow landed on the ground.

Everyone stayed up late, taking pictures, building snowmen, making snow angels, and taking in the clean, frosty air.

My family and I moved to San Antonio in 1984, and in 1985 the city took in thirteen inches of snow.

I was seven then, and this time around in 2017 finally old enough to drive in the snow!

Take a look at pictures from 1985 from SA Snow Storm Of 1985


Sometimes the little things like drops of snow, remind us how beautiful and fun life is. The holiday season is a time we celebrate, but it’s

also a time to reflect, give back, and lend a helping hand. No other time of year speaks to “no place like home” as the month of December.

I want to take a moment to wish everyone, especially those reading this blog, a very merry Christmas and holiday season.

I’m here and committed to help with your real estate needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, even if it’s just a question you need answered.

And, if you’re beginning your search for a new home, let me be your guide.


Warm Wishes To All.

-Mojgan JJ Panah 


Uncategorized December 5, 2017

Market Perspective

Market Perspective

Home ownership rates continue to climb across the States.

Americans still choose to buy vs. rent…including millennials!

Some good questions to ask and consider:

  1. Do you know if you’re eligible for a home loan?
  2. Do you know your credit score?
  3. Are you paying too much for rent?
  4. Are you happy with your current home?
  5. When is the last time you spoke to a mortgage loan officer or realtor?

Take a look at the attached article, and comment below with your questions.

Market Perspective